With the FREE FROM products we offer food to which production we deliberately avoid certain allergens. The transparent declaration in the allergen box on the front of the package indicates quickly and clearly containing allergens.

At least one in every 250 people in Germany is coeliac, and many more are sensitive to gluten, according to the German Nutrition Society. In this form of food intolerance, the body is sensitive to gluten, the protein that holds cereal and cereal products together, found in many native varieties of cereal, such as wheat, rye and spelt.


Thanks to the many gluten-free alternatives from Alnavit, it is possible to eat cereal products all day. Alnavit products - from bread and rolls, breakfast cereals and pasta to the gluten-free range of snack bars, convenience products and seasonal delicacies - provide modern and hassle-free food without gluten.

In accordance with statutory regulations, all products contain less than 2 mg gluten per 100 g. As many people with coeliac disease are also sensitive to lactose and other substances, when developing FREE FROM gluten recipes Alnavit ensures that as many other allergens and potentially problematic ingredients as possible are omitted.