Alnavit expert panel

The quality of our products is paramount. In order to guarantee this in new and existing products we receive support from an independent panel of experts.

The panel of experts meets regularly with employees from Alnavit's quality management, customer service, customer development and product management departments.       

The panel of experts is composed of professionals from a range of specialist fields. Lawyer Hanspeter Schmidt, for example, is the expert on food legislation and advises Alnavit on all matters regarding legal regulations. Agronomist and microbiologist
Dr. Thomas Dewes is the specialist on food quality and quality management. More experts on organic products and food are on hand for the Alnavit team, to offer their specialist knowledge.    


During their meetings, the panel of experts discusses current product ideas and developments in various ranges. Many ideas are checked for feasibility, new or alternative concepts arise, and already existing products are critically examined. The Alnavit expert panel meetings are important for further developing the Alnavit range. Only when a product is approved by the experts can the product management begin to implement it and then the product is launched in the market.     


Using the experts' extensive knowledge, the following aspects are considered: The members therefore actively exchange views on the latest developments in customer needs, new scientific findings, the ever-changing legal situation and lastly technical innovations. Every opinion is accepted in the Alnavit expert panel so that, together, more and more solutions and new starting points can be found.   

A permanent topic at the expert meetings is the evaluation and monitoring of traces of allergens. In particular, for people who suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, a unified and comprehensible labelling system of all potential allergens and traces is of the utmost importance. Alnavit and its manufacturers therefore rigorously follow the Deutsche Zöliakie Gesellschaft [German Coeliac Association] guidelines for all gluten-free products.     


Current and urgent issues are also continually discussed with the experts at these meetings. All communication between Alnavit and the Alnavit panel of experts is coordinated by the head of the quality department, Dr. Manon Haccius.     


Thanks to the independent opinions of experts we can offer you products that fulfil Alnavit's high quality standards and guidance on your requirements as well as current scientific knowledge.