About Alnavit

With our products we want to offer food that supports healthy wellbeing, does not represent a burden to and enables a diet in harmony with nature. It is our mission to provide enjoyable and contemporary solutions for these special dietary requirements.

We offer three product ranges FREE FROM, PURE and PURE+ made from organic ingredients for people with special, health-related dietary requirements: The FREE FROM range including gluten-free and lactose-free products is geared towards people, who due to food allergies and intolerances have to choose their food very carefully. From bread and rolls, to cereals, pasta and sweet delicacies, everybody can find something to suit their taste here! Our allergy filter helps with the search for suitable products.


On the other hand, the diverse Alnavit PURE pure and vegetable juice range offers everyone a contribution to a balanced diet.


We developed our PURE+ products because eating sensibly is a challenge, and one that deserves support. Our everyday heroes help you eat simply, in an uncomplicated and, of course, tasty way!


Our story:  

Alnavit GmbH was established in 2000 as a separate business by the Managing Director of Alnatura - Prof. Dr. Götz E. Rehn, in order to be able to offer products with healthy added benefits. Since then it has developed into an extensive range of organic products for a healthy diet, and is available worldwide from our retail partners in the food retail and organic food trade, from chemists and online. We collaborate on a partnership and long-term basis with experienced organic produce manufacturers. The ingredients in our products are produced in controlled biological environments, carefully selected and gently processed - for authentic flavour and high value product quality. All Alnavit products are, in accordance with the law, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and, in accordance with the EU regulation on organic farming, are produced without the inclusion of genetically modified organisms. Regular independent quality controls guarantee the products are processed in a safe and reliable manner.