Alnavit's quality criteria

Alnavit's products not only contain many healthy, organic ingredients, but also Alnavit's comprehensive quality criteria.

We pay particular attention to:

Diverse organic cultivation

Organic on principle. We have made a conscious decision in favour of organic ingredients in order to offer our customers products created in harmony with nature and which save our planet’s resources. Organic cultivation is regarded as the most environmentally friendly form of agriculture. Organic cultivation focuses on maintaining soil quality, caring for the land and animal welfare. Synthetic organic fertilisers and sprays are dispensed with in favour of crop rotation and green fertilisers, to protect soil health. EU law precludes the use of genetic engineering in organic food production.

Transparent declaration

Every day our work focuses on helping people with food allergies and intolerances to enjoy to the full. The Alnavit allergy box is there to label our products as simply and clearly as possible. This shows at a glance which allergens are in a FREE FROM product and which have been omitted according to the recipe. Customers who pick an Alnavit product up off the shelf can quickly tell whether it meets their personal requirements. In addition, a red box next to the ingredients list indicates possible trace allergens. All pure vegetable products are certified as suitable for vegans, which is shown by the Vegan Society flower logo.

Sustainable management

We are passionate about an integrated, sustainable production system. We favour raw materials and products from Germany or neighbouring countries, to keep food miles to a minimum. Our packaging is the best possible compromise between use of materials, recyclability and optimum product protection. Sustainable use of valuable resources matters to us in areas other than Alnavit products. All advertising material is printed on 100% recycled paper, for example.

Friendly cooperation

The Alnavit range has evolved from a long-term and trusting cooperation with experienced partners and organic producers, who are among the leaders in quality in their fields. This means we can jointly implement and offer the best solutions for our customers.

Careful quality control

When developing our range we seek advice from a panel of independent experts from various specialist fields. Everything is placed under close scrutiny, from ingredients and origin of raw materials, via recipe and production process, to packaging. Only when the panel of experts has given its approval and a new product meets Alnavit’s high quality requirements do we bring it to market. We also work closely with the panel on optimizing existing products. Thanks to its independent expertise we are able to optimise Alnavit products to meet customers’ needs and gear them to the latest scientific findings. In addition we also have all products and suppliers regularly checked by an independent body to ensure reliable and safe production.

Authentic products

As many as necessary and as few as possible: careful thought and selection goes into the ingredients for all Alnavit recipes. We emphasise raw materials that are as whole and unprocessed as possible. Through gentle processing we preserve their goodness. It goes without saying that all Alnavit products are manufactured without the use of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, or genetically engineered organisms in accordance with the EU Eco-regulation.