Gluten and lactose- free variety of products for people with allergies and intolerances.

The allergen box on the front shows you at first glance what allergens are contained in a product .


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Alnavit PURE

Untreated fruit and plant juices with unadulterated, original flavor. All juices are gently pressed, unsweetened and without additives.



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Alnavit PURE+

We developed our PURE+ products because eating sensibly is a challenge, and one that deserves support. They help you to enjoy a simple, uncomplicated yet tasty diet!

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In the news area, you will find a lot of information about Alnavit, our FREE FROM, PURE and PURE+ ranges and all the latest news.Here you can find out more, for example, about the raw ingredients used to make our juices, or find out exactly what the Alnavit panel of experts is.

Everyday heroes giving you more. The idea for our new PURE+ range came from current changes in eating habits and our customers‘ desire for shrewder, simpler food options.

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For anyone wanting a sensible addition to their food and enjoy a natural taste at the same time we developed the Alnavit PURE range.

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With the FREE FROM products we offer food to which production we deliberately avoid certain allergens. The transparent declaration in the allergen box on the front of the package indicates quickly and clearly containing allergens.

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With our products we want to offer food that supports healthy wellbeing, does not represent a burden to and enables a diet in harmony with nature. It is our mission to provide enjoyable and contemporary solutions for these special dietary requirements.

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